Tips For Adjusting To New Cuisine As An Expat

Moving abroad is an incredibly exciting new chapter of your life, however, there will be a lot of new things that you have to adjust to. From speaking a new language and making new friends to starting a new job...

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Overcoming Common Issues Faced By Expats

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to move abroad, getting to do so can be an undeniably exciting experience and there are so many amazing things that can come out of moving away from home. However, that being said,...

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Baking A Classic Chocolate Birthday Cake

There is no denying that Brits love chocolate and thanks to brands such as Cadbury, Galaxy and Nestle, we really do have an impressive range of treats to enjoy in the UK and if you have a sweet tooth, the...

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Choosing The Right Place To Live As A British Expat

People choose to leave their home in the UK for many different reasons and sometimes, they just fancy a change of scenery. When you’re not moving for work or you don’t necessarily want to live somewhere specific, the world really...

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Getting Through COVID-19 When You’re An Expat

There is no denying that this year has been incredibly difficult for lots of people and with no end to the current pandemic in sight, many are struggling with day-to-day life. For some, although we’re going through a time of great uncertainty, they have been lucky enough to be at home with their families, friends and comfort...
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