Toiletry Cupboard Essentials To Purchase In A British Shop

There is no denying that toiletries are something that everyone will use every single day, yet they are usually overlooked when it comes to doing your weekly shop. Often, you don’t even notice that you’ve run out of something until...

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The Perfect Sweet Treats For An Afternoon Tea

If you live in the UK or you have been to visit before, then it is highly likely that you will have enjoyed an afternoon tea here. Whether you have travelled into the city and experienced afternoon tea at The...

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Breaking Down Iconic British Drinks

Here at British Essentials, one of the most highly-regarded British stores online, we are proud to keep our shelves figuratively stocked with those drinks most sought after. If you would like to enjoy a breakdown of some of the most...

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Britain’s Favourite Chocolates

What Are Britain’s Favourite Chocolate Items?

Coming in an array of different forms, as well as there being flavours too numerous to count, you would be hard-pressed to find a household within Britain that does not have a scrap of chocolate lying around within the kitchen...

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 British Essentials

Why British Essentials Is The Supplier For You

For many years, Britain has been recognised as a country which is the home to interesting flavours; there are many people around the world that enjoy sampling the food and drinks that we create, due to the distinctive differences compared...

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Classic British Sweets

Classic British Sweets Everyone Loves

As well as being a nation of chocolate lovers, there is no denying that Brits love a bag of sweets too. Whether you’ve got a bag in the car ready for a long journey or a packet in your work...

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