Top 5 Foods British Expats Miss

Leaving the UK can be exciting, the new weather, breath taking landscapes and new foods which can fill you with joy. But home comforts simply cannot be beaten. We asked British expats all over the world what kind of foods they miss from blighty, and some of the results are surprising. 

 1. Sweets/Chocolate

 British Sweets

Well this one is not surprising...British sweets are ranked as one of the highest quality food in the world. Legendary brands such as Cadbury's, Mcvities, Fox's to name a few, have  become the go to when it comes to you sweet tooth snackers.


british crumpet

Another British staple, this time for the breakfast table. We at British Essentials have had hundreds of orders for crumpets over the past year and we can see why!

Crumpets are a favorite of any true Brit, weather its the classic with butter, or a more adventurous take such as bacon crumpets (Yes people put bacon on them!)

3. Heinz Baked Beans

British baked beans

It has to be Heinz...or so they say. This originally American company has found itself becoming a resident of British cooking since the early 1920's. 

With the trademark heinz sauce and the 'just has to be heinz' style of making their beans, Brit expats are mad for them the world over.

4. British Bacon

british bacon

For many of us, there’s nothing like the smell of bacon sizzling away in your kitchen on a Saturday morning. Or a Sunday morning. Or any day, really. British Bacon, Bacon sarnies, Bacon Bap, Multiple names have been devised for the world renowned British Pork Cut.

Devised from a mix of Canadian bacon and American bacon, the British 'Rasher' is a unique take on pork.


british crisps

We are renowned for our wacky flavour of crisps, variety's such as 'Haggis' from Mackies of Scotland, Tomato Ketchup from Seabrook and Worcester Sauce & Sun-dried Tomatoes from Tyrrells. Creative isn't it? 

Also who could forget Walkers? Essentially an American franchise 'Lays' re branded for British customers since the original company was Walkers was taken over.

Fun Fact: Walkers run taste tests 6 times a day, we all know our dream job now!

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