Whiskas Pouch Tasty Textures Lick 'n Chew Mix 12x85g

by Mars Petcare UK
£15.79 GBP

Complete Pet Food For Adult Cats.Lick 'N Chew Is Packed Full Of Roughly Chopped Meaty Pieces In A Thick, Meaty Gravy For Maximum Lick N' Chew Satisfaction.We Know That Cats Love To Bite, Chew And Lick Their Food, It Is How They Naturally Enjoy It, So Whiskas® Tasty Textures Is Specifically Designed With Your Cats' Instincts In Mind. With This New Eating Experience, Your Cat Will Be Thoroughly Satisfied.Your Cat Also Needs A High Level Of Protein, It'S What They Would Seek Out In The Wild And It'S Also Required By Their Bodies To Keep Them Happy, Healthy And Enjoying All The Activity Such As Hiding, Pouncing..... Or Just Sleeping In The Sun!! 3 X With Chicken3 X With Salmon3 X With Beef3 X With Trout

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