Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Cream 75ml

by Weleda
£10.69 GBP

Weleda Calendula Nappy Care, for nappy rash. Baby's nappy rash gets instant relief with this barrier-forming natural nappy rash cream. It's gentle, effective relief and protection for delicate skin that's tender from a distressing nappy rash. This natural nappy rash cream is formulated with soothing calendula flower extract, breathable beeswax and zinc oxide. Zinc oxide in our Calendula Diaper Care takes nurturing care of irritation and rashes and protects your baby's skin with a natural barrier. Redness and inflammation are soothed with Biodynamic and organic calendula flower extract that wraps your child in a layer of comforting warmth, like a loving hug. Instead of yucky petroleum that can irritate delicate skin, our natural nappy rash cream contains beeswax that smoothes away dryness and adds a breathable layer of protection to your baby's precious bottom. Nappy boo-boos go bye-bye with natural Calendula Nappy Care, leaving behind calm, supple skin that's smooth as a ... well, you know.

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