Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 5 kg

by Tilda
£29.94 GBP

We select these unique, fragrant and delicate Basmati from over 10,000 independent farmers whom we know by name. Using methods handed down through generations they hand tend their crop in the Himalayan foothills - the only place on earth where basmati can be grown. Here the snow fed rivers, rich soil and unique climate, combine to give Tilda Basmati its tantalising flavour, delicate texture and magical aroma.We believe basmati is the finest rice in the world, that's why we are committed to guarding the quality and heritage of this legendary grain. For over 30 years our family business has been closely involved in supporting the basmati farming communities. At the heart of basmati is the farming community. We depend on it for our business and therefore work closely with the farmers to improve their community.We only buy the best basmati and insist on an honest and fair partnership with farmers.We use state of the art DNA testing to check the purity of the basmati rice we buy, ensuring the unique characteristics of basmati - long slender grains with a delicate texture, delicious unique taste and tantalising aroma. Every grain is meticulously cleaned and milled with broken and discoloured grains removed.

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