Thrive 100% Liver treats for dogs 60g

by Pet Project
£7.69 GBP

50g tub of 100% natural liver freeze dried training rewards 100% natural ProReward is made using only the highest quality liver, with no preservatives, colours or additives of any kind. Then its freeze dried to preserve all the key nutrients and minerals. 100% effective Top trainers and handlers agree it's the single most effective reward for dogs. 100% delicious As freeze drying concentrates the flavour and aroma of liver, cut proreward into tiny reward size pieces to suit your training requirements. Even if you're not training its the ultimate treat for your dog. You can also sprinkle any powder onto your dogs' food as a tasty and nutritious flavour enhancer. Suggested daily quantities Toy breeds (up to 5 kg) 3-4 cubes Small breeds (5-12 kg) 4-5 cubes Medium breeds (12-25 kg) 5-6 cubes large breeds (25-45 kg) 6-7 cubes Giant breeds (45+ kg) 7-8 cubes

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