Thompsons Punjana Tea Bags 80 per pack

by Punjana
£3.40 GBP

It was my father who perfected the Punjana blend. We pick the best Assam and Kenyan leaves to find its full flavour. We love it... we think you will too! For over 100 years our family has been buying and blending the world's finest teas. In 1887 Robert Thompson trained in the art of tea tasting and soon became known for his uncompromising devotion to quality. His search for the finest teas led him to the fertile Assam valley in the foothills of the Himalayas. As the third generation of the Thompson family, we stay true to our tradition of bringing you a better cup of tea. David Thompson, Ross Thompson. We Trade only with tea farmers who share our ideals, treating their workers fairly with proper wages, healthcare & education. - Prepare and Use: Thompsons Top Tips - Use only freshly drawn water (reboiling takes the oxygen out and stops the tea from brewing properly). - Pre-heat the pot or mug. - Make sure the water is boiling when pouring onto the tea ("off the boil" water doesn't infuse the tea properly). - Brew to taste for at least a minute, and don't be afraid to stir the tea (a tea bag floating on top isn't doing its job!)

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