The Paleo Foods Co Cocoa & Hazel Grain-Free Granola 340g

by Paleo Food Company
£8.49 GBP

Hi! We're the Paleo Foods Company and we make nutrient-rich foods based on what your body was originally (and is still) designed to eat.We've re-crafted granola as you know it with our delicious grain-free recipe, made from a blend of wholesome toasted nuts, fruit, seeds and a drizzle of honey.Reducing grains from your diet can promote digestive health. Grains are high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients, causing energy crashes and hunger pangs before you've even got to lunch. The average 'healthy' granola uses grains (like oats) as cheap fillers. Our crisp and crunchy granola contains No Cereal Grains whatsoever!Our recipes are always based on nutrient-dense, natural and nourishing ingredients. The high nut and seed content means our granola is packed full of healthy fats, and thanks to those super chia seeds boasts a rich source of protein too! Naturally gluten-free and lower in carbohydrates, our Paleo granola is the ultimate healthy breakfast and an incredible start to your day!What is Paleo?Paleo is about embracing the lifestyle of Palaeolithic ancestors, choosing to eat real, unprocessed foods, rich in nutrients that our bodies are actually designed to eat!A key element of this approach to diet is omitting processed carbohydrates in the form of cereal grains.Instead choosing a diet full of quality vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, nuts and seeds, and avoiding anything artificial.Join our tribe!Twitter@paleofoodscoFacebook/Paleo Foods Co

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