The Food Doctor Natural Multi Grain Crisp Thins 6x85g

by Crisps
£21.49 GBP

80% fat - 80% less fat on average than typical fried potato crisps Source of fibre Deliciously & naturally nutritious Only 99 calories - per 25g portion Eat better forever Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Natural multigrain crisp thins Healthy... Our Multigrain crisp thins are pressed from 5 different grains to deliver a deliciously crunchy, nutritious snack to enjoy anytime or use to dip. We don't bake or fry them, or ever use artificial flavours, so they are never greasy and you get to enjoy their full goodness. Wholesome... Grains are naturally nutritious and provide a good source of fibre, just what you need without any of the guilt of regular snacks. Balanced... Our blend of multigrains are far lower in saturated fat* than traditional snacks. *80% less fat on average than typical fried potato crisps. You make the choice! Join the conversation on healthy eating twitter@FoodDoctorUK facebook@FoodDoctorUK This pack contains 3-4 portions Packed under a protective atmosphere to retain freshness

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