Terrafertil Goldenberry & Chia Powder Blend 500g

by Terrafertil
£20.65 GBP

High in Iron which supports reduction of tiredness & fatigue Our Sunshine Grown Goldenberry & Chia Powders are Extra Special Each 100g of Goldenberries and Chia powder provides: 30.6g of Fibre = more than prunes! 14.4g of Protein = as much as eggs! 329mg of Calcium = get your calcium needs in a natural way! 0.38mg of Vitamin B1 = 35% of your RDA needs! Goldenberry & Chia Powder Mix is an ideal addition to smoothie, juice, salad or any of your favourite brownies or cakes. Serving size 15g* or (2 dessert spoonfuls) *Daily intake should be no more than 15g

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