Slim-Fast Summer Strawberry Flavour Milkshake 325ml

by Slim Fast
£2.79 GBP

Slim Fast thick and refreshing summer strawberry flavour ready to drink milkshake is part of a great diet plan that can help you lose weight fast. With a tasty variety of milkshakes and meal replacement snacks, balanced nutrition and proven results, the Slim Fast 3 2 1 Plan can help you lose weight now! Enjoy 3 snacks a day, 2 Slim-Fast meals and 1 sensible 600 calorie meal. Don't forget to drink at least 2 litres of water and get some exercise! This thick and refreshing strawberry flavour milkshake is made with sugar and sweeteners, and contains only 230 calories! Simply shake and serve chilled. Each Slim Fast meal gives you 1/3 of your daily nutrients as part of the plan.

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