Sharpham Park Crunchy Spelt Bran Flakes 375g

by Sharpham Park
£4.49 GBP

What is Spelt? Spelt is an ancient grain that has been grown in Somerset since the start of the Iron Age. It is a cross between Emmer Wheat and Goat Grass with a unique gluten structure which makes it easier to digest than modern wheat. It has a delicious nutty taste and is nutritious too. Its tough husk protects it from pests and diseases. It's high in protein and fibre and it's a good source of slow release energy. So much so, that the Roman Army called it their 'marching grain'. "High in slow release energy, Sharpham Park cereals would sustain me through the bitterly cold and physically gruelling mornings... at last, rations that could be savoured as much for their gourmet appeal as their nutritional content." Rosie Stancer Solo Polar Explorer

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