Scrubbys Four Vegetable Mix Crisps 100g

by Scrubbbys
£3.99 GBP

Scrubbys Gold Star Great Taste Award Winning Crisps are made for the crisp connoisseur - a real touch of class sealed in every packet. Some might say you can't add distinction to something that's been pulled out of the dirt - but we disagree.  We take only the finest root vegetables and slice them, gently cook them (in our fancy way using high oleic oil) and then lightly season with sea salt to make our delicious vegetable crisps.  So whether you're snacking, sharing, picnicking or partying - add a little class with our sumptuously sophisticated and versatile vegetables.  Our very clever frying technique and special oil also means Scrubbys have 30% less fat and 18% less calories than standard fried vegetable crisps, leaving you to snack sin free!  Scrubbys are a husband & wife team, John & Claire launched in May 2012 following years of research, ups, downs and determination whilst working our 'day' jobs, and raising 3 wonderful children. Born through passion & desire to bring a healthier crisp to market without compromising taste, delighted to say weâ€TMve achieved this - we think they taste fantastic, and really hope you think so too!  Pop over and join us on Twitter and Facebook, we like to keep in touch with all our gorgeous foodies, welcome you to our 'CrunchClub' and run our Great British Dip Competition on our website, whether you are a culinary goddess or just master of the make do menu? Weâ€TMre looking for your inspired dipping recipes to compliment our delicious crisps â€" whether itâ€TMs been whipped up in a minute or handcrafted from hours of experimenting we ‘re inviting you to share it with the nation.  Facebook - /scrubbyscrisps  Twitter - @scrubbyscrisps. Oh...and nearly forgot to mention, we are also officially 'Cool' we are over the moon to share that Scrubbys were officialy named amongst the coolest brands in Britain...yes ladies and gentlemen, Scrubbys is a 'CoolBrand'!

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