Ryvita Sweet Onion Crisp Bread 8x200g

by Crisps
£17.09 GBP

Honest Goodness A hint of sweet onion & a little of what you fancy Wholegrain rye crispbread with dried onion and Oregano A true British favourite... Really crispy, crunchy and a great way to boost your wholegrains and that all-important fibre. Our aim is to source 100% British Rye (but sometimes we just can't squeeze enough out of the harvest thanks to the good old British weather). We buy as much as we can from our British farmers and bring it to Ryvita® in Poole, Dorset where it is milled and baked. By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Manufacturers of Crispbreads The Ryvita® Co. Ltd, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

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