Pukka Organic Relax Tea Bags 20 per pack

by Pukka
£6.59 GBP

Take a few moments, just you and your senses. Let them breathe and ease their burden - bathe them in the tranquility of chamomile flower and the peaceful bliss of oat flower, fennel seed and marshmallow root. Organic, 1% for the planet, Kosher, suitable for vegetarians.


Naturally Caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Sweet Fennel Seed (24%), Chamomile Flower (18%), Licorice Root, Oat Flowering Tops, Cardamom Pod, Ginger Root, Marshmallow Root (10%), 40% fair trade ingredients certified according to the Fair for life Standard - Fennel, Licorice

Allergen Information

Organic, Kosher

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