Pledge Wood Floors & Furniture Wet Wipes (12)

by Pledge
£4.09 GBP

Cleans, dusts, revitalises, freshens, cares. Remove dust and the allergens it contains from pet dander. Enhance the natural beauty of wood floors and laminate surfaces. Pledge® Wood Floor & Furniture wipes are the quick and easy way to enhance the natural beauty of Wood floors and Laminate surfaces. Very resistant to effectively tackle day-to-day dirt, spills and stains. Pre-moistened with special cleaning fluids to clean and care. No need for water and no need for the floor to dry! Simply dispose of the wipe when you are finished. Pledge® Wood Floor and Furniture Wipes have been developed to be used on Wood Floors and Laminate surfaces (laminated wood and sealed wood as well). They can also be used on virtually all hard floor surfaces - including ceramic tiles and linoleum. If unsure, please test on an inconspicuous area before use. SC Johnson A family company since 1886. Fisk Johnson. An A.I.S.E. voluntary sustainability initiative

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