Persil Small & Mighty Bio Capsules 20 Wash 2x841g

by Persil
£20.00 GBP

Persil Small & Mighty Biological Capsules. Our Persil Small & Mighty capsules are so good, they deliver outstanding cleaning, even in 30 minutes. It's unique, concentrated formulation with the power of pre treaters, is specially designed to work on even quicker and cooler programmes to tackle the toughest stains and deliver thorough cleaning. Cleaner Planet Plan: We're working hard to make sure that we're not only making products that are great at cleaning but also tread lighter on the planet. With new Small & Mighty you now get outstanding results, even in 30 minutes. Did you know that quicker, colder washing is not only kinder to your energy bill, but has less impact on the environment too!

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