Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Rice Dry Mix 3 kg

by Pedigree
£13.09 GBP

Pedigree is a favourite amongst dogs and owners alike. Puppies enjoy the delicious Chicken Rice flavour that the dry food offers and owners love the benefits that the premium food brings. Pedigree Complete Puppy Growth Protection contains an expert mix of ingredients that will help to support your dog's health in many ways: Protein helps to maintain and improve the healthy development of your puppy's bones and teeth, providing energy to keep your dog healthy and playful Fibre helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, reducing stool and making it easier to clean up Natural Oil can greatly benefit your puppy's skin and fur and helps to keep joints lubricated Your puppy's immune system will benefit a boost from a balanced vitamin, nutrient and mineral content Dry, crunchy dog food can help to make sure that your dog's teeth stay in a good, healthy condition. The crunchy nuggets aid the removal of plaque from teeth, reducing tartar build up and improving all round oral health. Weight: 3kg Flavour: Chicken Rice Suitable for: Puppies, aged 1-12 months

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