Peckish Mealworms For Wild Birds 500g

by Peckish
£16.79 GBP

Mealworms are the favorite food of many garden bird species. They are very versatile and can be used for feeding birds from tables, ground feeding trays and also in seed feeders on their own or added to a seed mix. Use these mealworms to treat the birds in your garden. With food resources scarcer now, it is essential to feed garden birds all year round. Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this and develop a routine, as the birds will become reliant upon your help. Put out feed at the beginning of the day to ensure that the birds can replace the energy that they have lost over night. It is best to have multiple feeding sites within the garden to prevent overcrowding. Moving them around regularly will prevent a build-up of droppings, which can spread disease and bacteria. Enjoy these birds in your garden: Blackbird, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Great Tit, Robin, Wren.


Dried Mealworms