Pampers Kandoo Wipes Magic Melon 55 per pack

by Kandoo
£3.49 GBP

Your little one's first toilet wipe Cleans up to 30% better than toilet paper Perfect fit for little hands - about the size of two pieces of toilet paper Forget tricky toilet paper - now kids can master the toilet with Pampers Kandoo toilet wipes. The wipes are just the right size for kids' hands, allowing children to wipe their bottom clean on their own - a small but important step on the road to independence. Plus, there's a colourful pop-up dispenser in the shape of a toilet seat to make the whole thing more fun! 1. Push and it pops open. With the push of a little finger, the lid pops up and dispenses just the right amount. 2.Take a perfect sized wipe. Specially sized for children's hands, leaving no worry of dirty fingers. 3.Simply wipe. The soft, moist wipe has just the right amount of lotion to clean easily without leaving the skin wet. 4. And flush. Their compact size and biodegradable material makes them flushable.

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