Oranix Raspberry & Banana Organic Baby Muesli 200g

by Organix
£4.49 GBP

Textured & tasty Creamy, chewy and crispy No junk promise No colourings Organic wholegrain oat & banana flakes with puffed rice & dried raspberries with added Vitamin B1 We're all in here... Raspberries & Bananas Textured & tasty Learning to love the textures of real food is an exciting stage in your baby's progression. As grown-ups, we love food not just because it tastes great but because we like how it feels too! Our muesli contains an intriguing range of textures such as chewy oats & fruit, and crunchy rice crispy pieces which melt in the mouth. These help your little one to explore a range of textures as well as creating the foundations for a lifetime of healthy eating. Lovingly created by Abby in our kitchen, our muesli is packed with the natural goodness of whole grains and sweet organic fruit. When our muesli is mixed with milk, the special combination of creamy, chewy and crispy textures is designed to stimulate your baby's taste buds...and keeps them interested to the last spoonful. It's a great way to help your little one enjoy a healthy breakfast and a great start to the day! For free recipes, meal planners and the latest weaning advice visit us at: www.organix.com Got a question? 0800 39 35 11 (UK) 1 800 40 92 78 (ROI) - Prepare and Use: Abby's tips For a different texture, nutrients or flavour, why not add some ground or finely chopped pumpkin seeds, almonds or hazelnuts.* *Please only follow this tip if there is no family history of nut allergies. For an extra fruity muesli, why not grate in some apple or offer slices of banana as a finger food? Mixing Instructions... 3 simple steps: 1. Add 5 level tablespoons of muesli to a clean bowl. 2. Add 7 tablespoons of baby's usual milk, cold or warmed. 3. Just mix. This is only a guide so add more milk or muesli if your baby prefers a slightly different consistency. Serve within 30 mins of making. If serving warm, check the temperature of the muesli before feeding. As your baby grows his appetite will too, so

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