Oilatum Bath Formula 300ml

by Steifel
£13.09 GBP

For Itchy, Irritating Dry Skin Conditions Including Eczema And Dermatitis Oilatum Bath Formula contains an emollient mineral oil which mixes in water to give a milky bath without the surface film usually associated with ordinary oils. Oilatum Bath Formula is suitable for people with eczema and other dry skin conditions. It has an effective dual action which soothes, softens and rehydrates the skin to provide effective relief from irritation and itch, while leaving the skin supple. Forms an emollient film on the skin's surface to seal in moisture and help protect against further drying. Oilatum bath formula cleanses without soap, so it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. There is no need to use soap. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Caution Take care against slipping in the bath. Avoid contact with eyes. If any unwanted effect occurs, stop using the product and consult your pharmacist or doctor.

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