NUK Perfect Start Bottle Set

by NUK
£42.59 GBP

The NUK Starter Set includes all the essential items that new parents need. Included within the pack are 2 x 150ml bottles, 2 x 300ml bottles, 2 x Teats and 2 x Soothers. The bottles feature the NUK First Choice Teat, with its specially designed orthodontic shape simulating a mother's nipple during breastfeeding, and the Anti-Colic Air System which minimises infant colic caused by harmful swallowing of air. The Starter Set also includes 2 x NUK Genius Soothers. Genius was developed in partnership with dental health experts and is based on the approved orthodontic NUK shape with an improved, softer, more flexible baglet which reduces the pressure on baby's jaw and teeth, reducing the risk of teeth misalignment. Genius soothers are made from soft-flex silicone, which is extremely flexible yet bite resistant. Strengthened contours improve safety and the NUK Air System helps to ensure that the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible. Integrated grooves enable saliva to flow away from the baby's mouth preventing skin irritations.

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