NUK First Choice 300ml Bottle With Silicone Teat Size 1 4 per pack

by NUK
£33.59 GBP

BPA free British Dental Health Foundation approved NUK anti-colic air system First Choice bottles with orthodontic anti-colic silicone teat Making the Transition from Breast to Bottle Feeding Easier NUK First Choice Teats are specially developed to support breastfeeding, enabling mothers to alternate between breast and bottle at any time. The teat is shaped to mimic mother's nipple during breastfeeding, which reduces nipple confusion and encourages latch on. The teat benefits from the NUK Anti-Colic Air System. A special shape and Air System, for as natural a feeding experience as possible. Not Round for a Reason 1) Flat underside ensures correct positioning of baby's tongue encouraging a natural sucking action. 2) The feed hole points upwards so milk mixes with saliva for good digestion. 3) Angled surface mimics the nipple during breastfeeding to enable baby to make a natural sucking action with the lower jaw. 4) Slender neck encourages the right sucking action to naturally aid baby's jaw and palate development while feeding. 5) The NUK Air System Vent prevents the teat from collapsing and baby swallowing air - helping to prevent colic. It is important that the vent is under baby's nose whilst feeding. Approved British Dental Health Foundation All of these features (approved by the BDHF) ensure that the NUK First Choice Teat is the right choice for your baby's oral health and development. Clinically Tested* *Study of the act of sucking in healthy babies in breastfeeding and artificial feeding using NUK Teats. Orthodontia 3 (35) 2006. Why Choose NUK? To make life easier, you have to understand it first! For more than 60 years, NUK has been listening to the trusted experts; midwives, doctors, nutritionists and especially mothers and fathers, in order to learn about the needs of mother and baby in those precious early years. The NUK orthodontic, asymmetric shape is designed to optimally fit baby's mouth, encouraging the healthy development of the oral cavity. For this

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