Nivea Men Hydro Gel Sensitive (50ml)

by Nivea
£11.69 GBP

Active Comfort System. Reduces skin sensitivity over time. No greasy residue. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved on men with sensitive skin. Sensitive Hydro Gel. For men who want healthy, comfortable skin and no greasy, sticky residue on the face. What Do You Get? The Active Comfort System light gel formula is fast absorbing, deeply moisturising, gentle, alcohol free and enriched with natural Pure Chamomile and Aloe Vera to care for the skin: Reduces skin sensitivity with regular use Soothes and helps to prevent irritation Also suitable for use with beard stubble. Result Skin looks healthy and cared for Skin feels comfortable and relaxed. For the best results use the complete Sensitive grooming range from NIVEA® MEN with the Active Comfort System formulas

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