LYNX Deodorant Bodyspray DARK TEMPTATION 150ML

by Lynx
£3.69 GBP

Lynx came to the UK more than 25 years ago. With its distinctive black and silver cans it quickly became associated with male potency. In effect, nowadays over 8 million blokes across the UK & Ireland use Lynx every day. Its range includes invigorating shower gels (Fever and Rise), smaller sprays for guys on the move (Bullet), products for guys with sensitive skin (Dry+ Sensitive), and a Twist spray that changes fragrance on the go to keep girls interested at all times. Most girls love chocolate. Very often they simply cannot resist. That?s why this Lynx Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray comes with the scent of chocolate. It freshens and invigorates the body, providing long-lasting fragrance. You'll need to pay extra attention now, or risk being eaten alive! 

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