L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Night Cream - 50 ml

by L'Oreal
£27.69 GBP

Discover L'oréal Paris latest anti-ageing innovation. Revitalift Laser Renew Recovery Night Treatment. This highly concentrated cream-mask helps reduce the visible signs of ageing and boosts the hydration recovery process whilst you sleep. Night time is the ideal time for you skin to renew whilst being protected from external aggressors. The ultra-fine cream-mask has a 'memory cushion' texture which moulds to the contours of your face. This cream-mask provides hydration and continuous anti-ageing action through the night. Awaken the skin with more bounce while fine lines appear faded. Wake up with fresher, softer and more radiant skin. After one week wrinkles appear reduced. After 4 weeks the skins texture is smoother as if transformed.

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