Jordans Organic Porridge Chunky Traditional 750G

by Jordans
£2.65 GBP

NEW LOOK PACK. FAMILY MILLERS SINCE 1855. Whole jumbo oats. British oats from organic farms. To find out more about our products or for TASTY, oaty RECIPE IDEAS visit Organic farmers grow their crops without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, keeping the soil fertile and nutritious. Crops are left to breathe and given plenty of room to grow, meaning ingredients are naturally nurtured from seedling to cereal bowl. Why not also try Jordans Organic Muesli? Allergy Information Contains: Oats May Contain: Barley, Wheat, Milk, Nuts, Rye, Sesame Seeds Other Information Additives: Free From Artificial Colours Additives: Free From Artificial Flavours Additives: Free From Artificial Preservatives Recycling Info: Recyclable Pack Additives Other Text: Non GM

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