Jordans Muesli Fruit & Nut 620g

by Jordans
£3.99 GBP

A delicious mix of raisins & tropical fruits with crunchy nuts & seedsJordans Fruit & Nut Muesli is bursting with fruits, nuts & seeds for a delicious feast of flavours in every mouthful. In here you'll find plump raisins, chunks of juicy pineapple along with lots of crunchy nuts and seeds. Simple ingredients, perfectly blended.Countryside CommitmentAt Jordans not only do we make great tasting cereals, but we are also passionate about protecting the beautiful British countryside.Since 1985 we have worked with 'Conservation Grade' farmers who set 10% of their land aside for wildlife. Today over 30,000 acres of British farmland are managed under this scheme - in effect creating a huge nature reserve to help birds, bees and butterflies thrive. Every year we aim to grow oats, wheat and barley equivalent to 100% of the amount we need to make the breakfast cereals and cereal bars that we sell in the UK on these special farms.If you love our muesli, why not try one of our tasty Granolas?We bake oats with a hint of honey until they're deliciously crunchy, then add lots of tasty fruits & nuts.The tastiest oats, naturally, High fibre, No added salt, Non-GM, No artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives, Suitable for vegetariansFor tasty recipe ideas & to find out more about our cereals, visit: or please get in touch with usThe Prince's Countryside FundWe are also proud to be one of the founding supporters of the Prince's Countryside Fund, which works to secure a sustainable future for British farmers rural communities.

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