Jordans Honey Baked Crunchy Oat Granola Fruit & Nut 750G

by Jordans
£4.79 GBP

British oats from nature friendly farms. Source of fibre No added salt No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives Suitable for vegetarians Non GM Honey baked British oats blended with hazelnuts, sultanas, pineapple, papaya, banana & almonds. Looking for Inspiration? Then why not try Crunchy Oat Granola... With a dollop of yoghurt instead? Sprinkled over less interesting cereals to brighten up breakfast? Nibbled straight out of the bag? As an ingredient for baking cakes? We drizzle honey into batches of nature friendly wholegrain British oats, bake them gently until golden and mix in a generous combination of fruits and nuts for a satisfyingly crunchy, chewy bite. British oats from nature friendly farms We use British cereals grown on nature friendly farms. Our farmers dedicate land to wildlife where bees, butterflies and birds can thrive, resulting in up to five times more wildlife for a happier countryside.

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