John West Tuna Chunks in Brine (4x160g)

by John West
£8.49 GBP

John West Tuna chunks are moist and succulent and are made from the finest wild tuna fish, canned in brine. You can also buy John West tuna chunks in sunflower oil and also in spring water if you prefer. Here's a bit about John West:. John West tuna chunks in brine are one of John West's longest selling products. John West are famous for their canned fish products and more recently expanded into canned seafood as well. Tuna is one of their biggest categories but they also do tins of wild Red Salmon, wild pink salmon, sardines, anchovy, herring and kipper fillets. The John West seafood range includes options for white crab meat, smoked oysters, smoked muscles and dressed lobster. John West have been sailing the roughest seas catching wild fish since 1857. John West is a dolphin friendly company, which means that all fish are caught without harming dolphins. No GM ingredients in any of their products.

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