Iams Cat Adult Lamb Cat Food 3kg

by Iams
£20.69 GBP

Iams Cat Adult Lamb Cat Food 3kg Iams is specially formulated to help the overall health of your cat by targeting problem areas such as the teeth and skin. The crunchy nuggets help to clean teeth and improve oral health by removing tartar and stains. Crude Protein (34%) and Crude Oil (16%) help to encourage healthy skin and a shiny cat. With no added colours, preservatives, or flavours, Iams Cat Adult is a nutritional Dry Complete cat food which contains: Vitamin E encourages a healthy immune system Omega 6 and 3 help your cat keep a healthy, shiny coat Iams Cat Adult helps to: Reduce tartar build up and stains on teeth Cleans teeth Freshens breath Protects teeth Maintain urinary tract health Controls weight Dry cat food is a great alternative to normal tinned food as it lasts much longer. If you are leaving your puss alone whilst at work, dry food is great for putting down for your cat to graze, especially for use in gravity feeders. Some cats like to eat little, but often - dry food allows them to do this without food going bad. With all of the essential ingredients, you know that you are looking after your favourite pet! Boost your cat's life with a healthy dose of the essentials. Suitable for: Adult Cats. Flavour: Lamb Weight: 3kg

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