Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate 100g

by Green & Black's
£3.49 GBP

Tasting NotesOur milk chocolate is enriched with 37% cocoa. This is why our darker shade of milk chocolate has such a cocoa-rich flavour delivering true taste intensity. We select the finest organic ingredients and take extra care to bring out the distinct flavour that has become our trademark.Made with more cocoa for a richer taste, 34% Cocoa, Organic, Fairtrade, Suitable for vegetariansDiscover more at www.greenandblacks.comThe Fairtrade certification Mark is your independent guarantee that the Fairtrade ingredients in this product have been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards.Fairtrade enables farmers and workers in developing countries to improve their working and living conditions and make a better living through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship.

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