Get Fruity Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger Bar 4 x 35g

by Get Fruity
£4.09 GBP

A Fruit and oat bar made from a blend of Gluten Free wholegrain oats with fruit including apricots, orange juice, natural ginger flavour and virgin coconut oil.                                                                                                                                                                                           Sweetness comes only from fruit, no added refined sugar. 100% natural ingredients. Gluten Free.  Vegan,  Low Salt,                                                                                               Source of fibre,                                                                                                                   These delicious bars are moist and naturally sweet, with the sweetness coming from only the fruit and fruit juices. Get Fruity bars not only taste great but are good for you â€" The fruit in our bars are a great source of taste, vitamins, minerals, oats release slow burning energy to the body, ensuring you feel fuller for longer. We add virgin coconut oil to make our bars moist and its also the new superfood that lowers cholesterol, reduces heart disease and increases your metabolism. Get Fruity bars are exactly how a fruit bar should look and taste. So grab a bar, open the pack, Get Fruity and healthy with your family.

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