Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Refreshing Hydrating Spray with Cactus Extrac...

by Ambre Solaire
£13.69 GBP

Unlike your normal moisturiser, this refreshing hydrating spray is especially developed to rebalance dehydrated skin after sun exposure. The ultra light formula contains an active soothing agent that instantly provides the skin with a cooling, and extremely refreshing sensation. Enriched with cactus extract and a hydrating agent, it helps lock in moisture and rehydrates skin.The result:Your skin is able to regain its natural moisture levels and is left soft and supple. Skin feels soothed, softened and hydrated for 12hrs. With cactus extract. Soothes instantly and hydrates for up to 12hrs. Instantly absorbed. Dermatologically tested. To use: Apply generously to the entire body after exposure to the sun.

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