Funkin Mojito Cocktail Mixer 750ml

by Funkin
£3.79 GBP

A refreshing blend of citrus and mint makes the Mojito one the most popular rum cocktails today. Born in the early 1900s in the stunning Caribbean country of Cuba, this cocktail will instantly transport you to a land of long white beaches and vibrant nightlife.To bring you the Funkin Mojito we have sourced the highest quality Persian limes, picked and pressed for their sharp taste and natural goodness, blended with the freshest mint. Add the thrill and excitement of the Caribbean to your next party - anytime, anywhere!Now you have enjoyed the Funkin Mojito why not try one of our other delicious cocktail mixers? All our mixers are made to professional bartender recipes using 100% natural ingredients!Best served with white rum, Contains no alcohol, 100% naturalFor more recipe ideas, shortcuts, and even a few trade secrets from top mixologist, drop by our website more information about our great range of Funkin products, as well as cocktail recipes and tips for your next party, drop by our website or like and follow us at and

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