Forest Feast Tropical Dried Pineapple Rings 125g

by Forest Feast
£3.20 GBP

Tropical Pineapple from Forest Feast offers the finest quality sun drenched fruit, sliced and dried. The authentic taste of pineapple is fully preserved in succulent rings.25g or one small handful of dried fruit equates to a serving in the government recommended 5 a day campaign.Look out for other delicious lines in the range: Exotic Mango, Berries & Cherries, Medjool Dates, Cavendish Banana, Sour Mango, Malatya Apricots, Wonder Berries, Coco Mango, Jumbo Agen Prunes, Dried Sliced Coconut and Mahana Exotic Dried Fruit.Great taste gold 2012, For snacking, baking & cooking, Inspiring ingredients

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