Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream Dual Power 40g

by Fixodent
£5.49 GBP

Free yourself of the worry of your dentures. Fixodent Dual Power gives you a long-lasting and even stronger* hold throughout the day so that you can be fully confident and spontaneous. Fixodent Dual Power activates quickly to create a strong bond between denture and gums, while gradually releasing the adhesive power to maintain the benefit throughout the day. Its unique formula:Helps hold your dentures secure all day long.Gives you comfort by cushioning your denture.Helps you enjoy your favourite foods which you thought you couldn't eat.Helps stop those irritating food particles from getting under your denture.*Verses Fixodent Original Are you new to dentures? Fixodent has some useful advice for you. Now that you have your new dentures, you may notice some differences in your mouth. You may feel less confident to speak or laugh. You may feel you have less room for your tongue. Eating hard foods may be difficult. Food tastes different. Your dentures may seem big. You produce more saliva than normal. These are completely normal reactions and Fixodent can help. The sense of strangeness will disappear in time, once you (and your body) get used to your dentures.

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