Filippo Berio Olive Oil (500ml)

by Filippo Berio
£5.49 GBP

100% PURE. ALL NATURAL. IDEAL FOR SAUCES, PASTA AND COOKING. Composed of refined olives oils and virgin olive oils. Oil comprising exclusively olive oils that have undergone refining and oils obtained directly from olives. Superbly Versatile. Expertly blended, Olive Oil has all the attributes of an Extra Virgin variety but with a lighter flavour. Versatile Olive Oil is ideal for those who prefer a lighter taste, or in recipes requiring a softer flavour. Perfect for everyday cooking. Ideal for delicate dressings and mayonnaise. Or use as a healthier substitute for butter. This genuine product is the juice of the fruit of the olive tree. For over one century FILIPPO BERIO has been acknowledged as representing the finest OLIVE OIL. Pure olive oil becomes cloudy in temperature below 45° F. 100% natural. Lowers cholesterol. High in mono-unsaturated fats. An essential part of the 'Mediterranean Diet.' A healthy substitute for butter.

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