Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer 12 x 275ml

by Fentimans
£15.09 GBP

Botanically Brewed BEVERAGES Established... 1905. SLOW FERMENTED. IT TAKES A FULL 7 DAYS TO BREW EACH OF OUR UNIQUE BEVERAGES. FENTIMANS WE HEREBY CHALLENGE YOUR TASTE BUDS. FERMENTED BOTANICAL DRINK WITH GINGER AND HERBAL EXTRACTS. Why Teach An Old Dog New Tricks? Fentimans beverages are the product of simple but time consuming art of bringing natural wholesome ingredients to condition through the three distinct steps of the botanical brewing process. Infusion of selected botanicals. Slow natural fermentation. Skilful blending. This was Thomas Fentiman's process to produce the finest brewed botanical beverages; why seek a modern compromise? When it comes to making superior Ginger Beer, full of flavour and goodness, shouldn't it actually be made like a Beer? The Longer the brew the better? FAITHFUL TO THE ORIGINALS. Other Information Recycling Info: Glass Inner

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