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Felix Kitten Mixed Selection Pouch 12 x 100 g (Pack of 4)


100% of your kitten's daily needs - vitamins, essential minerals, proteins. Complete pet food for kittens Once a Felix cat, always a Felix cat Felix Kitten food has the right combination of proteins, essential minerals and vitamins that little Felix cats need to grow into big Felix cats. Perfect fuel for the first year's adventures! That's why Felix Kitten recipes are not only delicious but also specially formulated to provide 100% of your kitten's daily need, when fed according to the feeding guidelines. Your kitten will get all the necessary proteins, vitamins and essential minerals to help him to develop into a healthy and happy adult cat! Right from the start! Kitten grow very fast and even if they look grown up, they are kittens for a year! This means they need a special formula nutritional needs from weaning up to adulthood. After 12 months, your kitten is now an adult and ready to enjoy the delicious range of Felix Adult. Felix proudly presents World of Purina Felix Collection Experience the exciting range of this season's must-haves A treasure trove of tantalising goodies - all tail tanglingly desirable - and includes everything you and your cheeky rascal deserve to feel extra special! Just collect the tokens and pay a small amount towards the item you want. It's that easy! Find out more at www.worldoffelix.com To find out more about Felix, play games, join promotions and much more, go to: www.catslikefelix.co.uk

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