Ella's Kitchen Stage 1 From 4 Months Organic Carrot, Apple and Parsnip 120 g ...

by Ella's Kitchen
£9.69 GBP

Ella's Kitchen is a company devoted to children.  They became a company when Paul Lindley, father of Ella decided to create products which were friendly to children, not just in taste, but also with the design of their packaging. Ella's Kitchen is not limited just to doing good by their food, they also help out the local communities and care for the environment by making their products recyclable as much as they can.  All of their delicious products are made with children in mind, so you can be safe knowing your children will happily enjoy the range of items that Ella's Kitchen have made. 100% organic puréed carrots, apples and parsnips with nothing else added, not even water.

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