Eat Natural Yoghurt Almond & Apricot Bars 3 X 50G

by Eat Natural
£2.99 GBP

3 bars of nuts and fruit with almonds, apricots and a yoghurt coating ...and nothing dodgy. Dear eat naturalists... If you look up the word 'simple' in the dictionary, you'll come across some pretty odd ways to describe an Eat Natural bar. 'Foolish', 'primitive' and 'ignorant' are few. When it talks about 'the simple life' it describes 'the practice of doing it without luxuries'. Well, it all just goes to show how daft our language can be. Another definition, though, reads 'easily understood', and we like to think that says it all. We reckon, when you've had an Eat Natural Bar, you'll know exactly where we're coming from. It's a pretty obvious idea to us. Just honest, straightforward, wholesome ingredients, like juicy, sun dried apricots, freshly toasted almonds and tropical coconut. All we do, is mix them together into a delicious bar and smother it in a smooth yoghurt coating. That's secret recipe and no surprises. As we'll continue to say here... Simple... isn't it? Down here at the Eat Natural Makery, when we say 'natural', what exactly do we mean? Well, clearly it would be wrong of us to claim that everything in this bar is '100% natural' yoghurt coating, glucose and crisped rice simply don't grow on trees. Obviously, everything needs to be cleaned, dried and roasted too, and therefore, to some extent, 'processed'. It's just that we believe, the less we mess with it...the better it tastes, and why we will never, ever add any dodgy stuff. That means, no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives.

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