Eat Natural Cranberries Macadamia And Dark Chocolate Bars 3 X 45G

by Eat Natural
£3.49 GBP

3 bars of nuts and fruit with... cranberries, macadamias and dark chocolate ...and nothing dodgy. Dear eat naturalists... We know you like to look after yourselves and think carefully about the kinds of things you eat ...that's why you've chosen Eat Natural after all. But, hands up, who doesn't enjoy a sneaky bit of chocolate now and again? Yes, thought so. We're all at it on the quiet. Down at the Makery, we're no different. That's why we just couldn't resist adding a little pure indulgence to the lovely, wholesome stuff in this bar. So, not only can you lose yourself in the mouthwatering taste of juicy cranberries, plump sultanas and huge crunchy macadamias and brazils, with a contented smile on your face... but also, submit to one of life's little pleasures with a wicked grin. Don't worry... we won't tell a soul. Simple... isn't it? Down here at the Eat Natural Makery, when we say 'natural', what exactly do we mean? Well, clearly it would be wrong of us to claim that everything in this bar is '100% natural' yoghurt coating, glucose and crisped rice simply don't grow on trees. Obviously, everything needs to be cleaned, dried and roasted too, and therefore, to some extent, 'processed'. It's just that we believe, the less we mess with it...the better it tastes, and why we will never, ever add any dodgy stuff. That means, no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. Allergy Information Free From: Gluten Contains: Nuts, Soya\Soybeans Allergy Other Text: In our makery, we use peanuts, sesame seeds and cow's milk. We can't be absolutely sure they won't find their way into this bar Other Information Additives: Free From Artificial Colours Additives: Free From Artificial Flavours Additives: Free From Artificial Preservatives Recycling Info: Recyclable Pack Additives Other Text: No preservatives

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