Doritos Cool Original 15x40g

by Crisps
£15.79 GBP

Cool Original Flavour Corn Chips Sunseed® Naturally lower in saturates Doritos taste so amazing because they are made the traditional Mexican way. The best corn is ground into a soft dough. It is then shaped, lightly toasted and quickly fried before being seasoned for that Cool Original flavour! This pack contains Calories 200 10%, Sugar 1.6g 2%, Fat 11g 16%, Saturates 1g 5%, Salt 0.8g 13% of an adult's guideline daily amount. Doritos are loaded with flavour and intense crunch, and because they're cooked in SUNSEED oil, which is naturally lower in saturates*, they've got 75% less saturated fat**. *Than traditional snack cooking oils

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