Dishmatic Extra Heavy Duty Refills 3 per pack

by Dishmatic
£3.69 GBP

Dishmatic is a dispensing fillable and refillable washing up tool. Dishmatic - Your dish friend. Stunningly simple and fantastically effective, Dishmatic is an essential aid to dishwashing that's loved by everyone who uses it. Dishmatic Extra Heavy-Duty Refills are ideal for all those tougher washing up tasks. Only for use on suitable surfaces. Do not use on delicate or non-stick surfaces. When the sponge wears out simply unclip it and replace with a new Dishmatic Refill. The interchangeable refill range includes Sponge refills - General Purpose, Non-Scratch and Extra Heavy Duty - and Stainless Steel and Brush. Refills fit all Dishmatic dispensing handles so you can choose the most suitable for your task.


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