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Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk Powder 2-3 Years (6 Tubs)

Cow & Gate

Why choose Cow & Gate? We've been feeding toddlers for generations, helping them to grow up happily. We know that between 2 and 3 years your toddler still has specific nutritional needs, in fact experts advise toddlers can move to semi skimmed milk for their main drink at this age. Yet even with all the goodness this provides, it's still not always easy to meet all their nutrient needs, because some days they're better eaters than others. That's why we've developed a milk specially for toddlers aged 2 3 years. Cow & Gate growing up milk, the semi skimmed version, provides the goodness of cows' milk, but is also packed full of essential toddler nutrients, so you can be sure that your toddler is getting the vitamins and minerals they need every day.

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