Cawston Press Apple & Elderflower Juice 1L

by Cawston Press
£3.79 GBP

Cawston Press Apple & Elderflower.Juice pressed from whole fresh apples including English Cox, Orange Pippin and Bramley with Elderflower.Not From Concentrate:The juice is totally natural product, which may be slightly opaque in appearance and can form a fine sediment on standing.How our juice is made:1. Hand-picked fresh apples.2. Batches of selected varieties washed & hand graded.3. Apples pressed into juice.4. Pasteurised & packed for you to enjoy at any time of the day.10 whole apples are pressed into every carton, 1 of your 5 a day, No added sugar, No colouring, preservatives or sweeteners EST. 1986.THE ORIGINAL FRUIT.NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.PICKED & PRESSED.OUR DELICIOUSLY TRADITIONAL JUICE IS MADE BY BLENDING THE BEST-TASTING APPLES WITH DELICATE ELDERFLOWER.We know our apples, so we only pick the best-tasting varieties. We promptly press them at the peak of their ripeness to create our beautifully balanced, award-winning blends, which we gently pasteurise before pouring into these special cartons, sealing in the goodness for you to enjoy fresh as the day they were pressed.

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