Buckwud Canadian Maple Syrup 250G

by Buckwud
£8.99 GBP

Suitable for vegetarians Canadian maple syrup Long, long ago the first people of the land that is now Canada discovered that when they pierced the bark of the Maple tree a magnificent sticky, sweet liquid trickled out. They tasted it. "It's Gud " they thought. They tapped the trees using Reed Funnels and collected the flowing golden sap. Turning it into a delicious syrup. All they needed was a name. Naturally they called it 'Sinzibuckwud'. meaning 'drawn from wood'. Not much has changed in the way Maple syrup is produced today. Pure from tree to table. We call ours Buckwud www.facebook.com/buckwudmaplesyrup Other Information Recycling Info: Recyclable Pack

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